Condition of Use

SAF Design Themes APP Store

  • How many times can I download the Theme I buy in the Store ?
    You can download 100 times the theme you buy in the store with no expiration date. If you need to reset your phone or lost the theme from the phone and need more download times you should pay a fee of $0.50 to add more 100 times limit. This 100 times limit I think is enough for 1 year considering you lost the theme 8 times in a month, something quite difficult to happen to a normal phone user.
  • Do you offer discounts so my family members and friends can also download the themes ?
    Yes. When you buy any theme, just email me and ask for a discount coupon. Your family members will receive a coupon with 50% discount.
  • Can I publish the themes in my site or any site on the internet ?
    No, you can´t. The themes are for your personal use and should not be published in any site, blog or relative means that can downloaded. Remember that I do this for a living, it´s not a hobby, sorry. Your help is really apreciate so I can continue my job and make good themes.
  • Do you make custom themes for me ?
    Yes. I can do custom themes and make them available in the site for sale by anyone, including of course yourself. If you need a personal theme that should be exclusive to you and not available in the APP Store you should contact me. Personal themes could include photos or materials that is not to be made public, like a theme that have a photo of the phone owner.
  • What type of Payment I can use in the APP Store?
    Only PayPal is accepted. If you use PayPal echeck your download will only be available when the check clears.
  • I have bought themes from you in Android Market, but I can´t find it anymore, why?
    Some themes was removed, or by Android Market or by myself, if you´re in such a situation and needs to download the themes you´ve bought - leave me an email and I´ll include your email in my download special page so you can download and receive updates to the themes.