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Themes for GO Launcher EX, GO Contacts EX, GO SMS Pro and GO Locker.

 To use the themes available on this site you need to download and install the above APPs available Free in Android Market. The themes are not to be opened or run as they are not APPs, they´re should be applied using these APPs using the menu option Theme. If you need any assistance on how to setup and use the themes just use the contact option from this site and I´ll help you. Also in the themes description there´s a help on how to apply the theme.

NOTE: If you´re visiting the site with your phone, you need DOLPHIN Browser HD to download the themes or the download will fail if you try to use the default phone browser.

This site is only for Paypal payments, if you wish to use Google´s checkout you need to visit "MY BLOG" link.

Thank you,
Sergio Andre Fagundes

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